Explee service wil be discontinued on august 20th, 2022

10 years ago we created Explee, now it's time to retire the product. It will definitely close on august 20th, 2022.

Join the team

It’s getting serious!

We have worked hard over the past two years to create a user-friendly online animation maker. Now, we’re looking for talents to help us grow even faster!

Opened positions

How to apply?

  • Your name and online identity – i.e., your Twitter, Github, Blog, Stackoverflow account, personal website, etc. The more info we get the better it is.
  • Location – Apply if you live in Paris or are willing to relocate.
  • Educational background and most recent job (or just send your resume or whatever).
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT: What have you built/done online that you’re proud of (It can be anything, website, product, communication campaign ...) ?
  • Creating a nice “less than 30 seconds” explee might be cool too...

Why work at Explee?

  • Learn new technologies

  • Cook for your workmates

  • Commit on your first day

  • Be empowered to affect your team’s strategy

  • And more...
  • Have end-to-end responsibility and all the support needed to touch every part of the development stack
  • Flexible working hours
  • Be yourself - we are proud to be colourful hipsters!
  • Free food for lunch.
  • Drinking some beers and playing table football