Upload your images
We bring them to life

Via our library Easily upload your drawings, images or audio files from your computer. Got no ideas? Feel free to pick some out from our 4000 pictures in the library. These images have been designed to be efficient and to convey your ideas the right way.

Your images Import your images easily with a single "Drag & Drop" action. On Explee, you can upload most-used image formats, PNG & JPEG. Size is the only limit (no bigger than 7 Mega Pixels (FULL HD)) !

Organize your video
The Timeline & the Preview

Synchronize your media Explee introduces a Timeline feature. With the Timeline, you can zoom and adjust your sequences as you wish. The synchronization between your images and audios has never been so easy!

And preview them You can even preview them with the Timeline in real-time and adjust your animations whilst they are playing. This makes our tool ideal for accurate synchronization.

Pick the desired effect
for your images

Explee has introduced 4 different effects: the "hand-drawing", the "pop-up", the "fade-in" and the "translation". To allow you to be quicker, we have set up different keyboard shortcuts. This way, you can apply or change your effects in a second. To have a deeper view, click on the 'Help' button in the creation area.

Group your images
Control the camera

Group your images to create a fixed shot. On the contrary to un-grouped animations, grouped animations are not zoomed in before being animated. Thus, you can create wide shots without any camera transition.

Watch, share and download your video

Once your video is exported, you can watch it, download it and share it to the world via social networks ie. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Change also the resolution in a single click.

An explee video is a great indicator: analyze the number of views, likes and shares. Seize the impact of your message, your brand or your product. Feel like you need some more ideas or influences? You can always watch the other explees created by different users.

Distinguish yourself, use Explee!