Explee service wil be discontinued on august 20th, 2022

10 years ago we created Explee, now it's time to retire the product. It will definitely close on august 20th, 2022.

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From surprising effects to custom-made result: powerful features at your fingertips

A custom-made image bank

Use our 6,000 images to draw your audience attention, illustrate your ideas and make your whiteboard animation appealing. They are all classified by keyword and category to make your research easier.

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Tailored whiteboard animation: upload your own images

Explee’s magic relies on our own technology called Bringlife. This allows you to animate any picture. Just upload the one you want and bring it to life in one clic.

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Animated video’s in & out effects

Draw, fade, pin, pop or even translation: the hardest part is to choose! If you are still hesitating, just preview our in & out whiteboard animation effects from the option bar before selecting them and edit their timing.

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Pick and choose your whiteboard animation’s transitionsNew

Apply your favorite transition between multiple slides so that your elements’ will naturally pop out on the screen. Team advice: better to vary!

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Simplified timeline

Our timeline is based on camera shot. Easy to use and technologically elaborated, this helps you to quickly manage all your animated video elements in one place.

Preview and graphic engine

With our graphic engine VisualEngine2, preview your animated video whenever you want. Just hit the Play button and let the show begin!

Animated video’s audio editor

With our Softcut audio editor, reduce, cut and duplicate all your whiteboard animation’s audio files. You can also add sound effects to your elements to emphasize their apparition.

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Text-to-speech systemNew

You don’t have enough time or extra budget to spend on hiring a professional voice? Lucky you: our text-to-speech HumanBeing is here! Just write your text, choose one of our 5 languages, your voice gender and… listen.

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Cross-device animated video solution

Explee works on any device, from laptop to tablet, smartphone and connected tv. Thanks to HTML5, you can edit and show your video anywhere, any time.