Explee service wil be discontinued on august 20th, 2022

10 years ago we created Explee, now it's time to retire the product. It will definitely close on august 20th, 2022.

What is Explee?

You push the door, cross the room,
put a foot on the stage and face your curious audience
—waiting for something to happen—
You turn the projector on.
Connect your laptop. Press on play. And let the magic start.
A hand appears, writes your title, draws your arguments
and let the music play all while expressing your ideas.
In a few minutes, your target is reached,
your thesis understood, and your speech remembered.

Animated videos easy
to learn and use

Beginner? No worries, we have made you whiteboard animation tutorials to make sure you will quickly learn how to make the most of the intuitive animated video platform. Lucky you, you can manage all your elements in less time than it takes to brew your cup of coffee.

Watch our tutorials

Freedom of action

You are the movie director here. The whiteboard animation style allows you to explain your ideas and to make a complex notion easily understandable. This sets your imagination free without limit and boosts your creativity. Your challenge: get the most of it!

« Explee brings up to date and modernizes this good old blackboard we have all seen in classrooms. This is as simple as efficient: while the teacher grabs a pen and draws, writes and schematizes, students suddenly become quiet and captivated until she puts the very final dot.” Thomas Olivier, CEO of Explee

Apply various effects to your animated video

Use our wide range of effects to boost your animated video and better surprise your audience. For an astonishing effect, go for the “draw” mode that will quickly embody your ideas. For a result as impressive as your audience is waiting for, play with various ones.

Try it out

Choose your pictures,
we bring them to life

Explee’s magic relies on our exclusive animated video technology which allows you to animate any picture. Picky? Fine! If you don’t find what you are looking for among our thousands pictures to better spice up your whiteboard animation, just upload your own pictures and bring them to life. Effect guaranteed!

Be remembered

Create a stir is good. Make sure that your ideas will be remembered is even better. By stimulating your public’s visual and auditory memory with a whiteboard animation, you will help them listen, understand and keep your words in mind.

To know all the secret ingredients of an astonishing animated video’s recipe, discover Explee’s special features in a few minutes only!

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You too, stand up with Explee

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